At our condo in West Seattle, Bob is working on a family genealogy so there are boxes upon boxes of memorabilia—letters, photos, and what my mother used to refer to as “solid little trash”. Every now & then, I spot something that reminds me of something. And, due to random firing of synapses, I remember a lake in Colorado that we used to visit. I fished into an album and resurrected these wonderful ducks.

The group

This is the group that shares space with me and two of my grandchildren...two rabbits, two angora goats, one pinto mare, one golden retriever, and one cat. Our projects are always accompanied by rustling, sniffing, shuffling, stamping, whickering, chewing and assorted comforting sounds. The only hazard is when the cat wants to sit on something we're working on. Since I live in the city, my time spent in my "studio" is precious & a luxury I hope I never have to give up.


Two Rabbit Garden

My studio is in a horse barn in a small rural town. It's been one year since I named it Two Rabbit Garden & Studio for the two rabbits that live in a hutch right outside the door. My grandchildren and I hope to turn the barn, studio and garden into works of art, however to quote John Barth, “My gift is to take relatively simple things and complicate them to the point of madness.”
As a start, and to encourage ourselves, we cut a sign out of tin and nailed it next to the door. We brought in tables, shelves, storage crates, then supplies and equipment. We've made luscious messes with linoleum block printing, tile smashing and mosaic grouting, framing photos and paintings...we're even learning to clean up one mess before starting another...and we're filled with hope for the coming seasons.
That would be after the rain, wind, cold and dismal winter that has frozen the water in the animal's buckets, filled the horse enclosure with mud, and caused serious mood swings in all of us. In the meantime, we're getting ready to start to prepare for spring. Like seed catalogs, we're hoping to be filled with anticipation and optimism.

This is it...

Okay. Anne told me my first blog (about two weeks old) was “very nice and well designed” but that I could use a little humor. I guess I have been getting a little stuffy lately.
So here it is, 3:10 am. I was jolted awake by...oh, I don’t know...my muse? On the way to my computer, I tripped over something in the dark...I nearly lost my resolve, but here goes blog number two. 

image source: PopDesign