Not the Delft

This reminds me of paintings in the Rockwell Kent book of famous paintings given to me by a long-forgotten aunt on the day I was born...yes, on the day I was born! There were paintings from all the famous "schools" and I liked the Dutch school with all the boats and harbors. There were often reflections like the ones in this photo that Bob took...plus I like the word "Delft". Of course, there weren't cranes, loaders and skyscrapers, but who's complaining. I still can't get over how lucky we are to have things like this to look at. It could be worse.



The one sunny day was just a fluke. It’s just not right...we’re starting to wonder how we can adapt our lives to cope with a permanent gray, wet, moldy climate: • special sunlight bulbs in all our rooms   • fans simulating warm ocean breezes   • CDs of bird calls and children playing   • seasonal foods flown in from wherever they have seasons   • white noise to drown out the sound of dripping
It’s a start.


Strait of Georgia

"Nature is not a place to visit, it is home."  —Gary Snyder

Looking across the Strait of Georgia as the sun sets. It changes with every passing second. We talk about how lucky we are to live in the Pacific Northwest.


Finally, a sunny day with no wind...

A day to bask in the warmth, like a lizard on a hot rock. I helped Michelle rake and move pots around the garden, fed treats to the horse, took a turn pushing the kids in the tire swing, worked on a mosaic, drank lemonade...then discovered that I'd lost my car keys. By that I mean I lost a 5 pound set of keys with 1 remote control car opener and 1 remote garage opener, car key, truck key, elevator key, gate key, mailbox key and key to the kid's house with a large carabiner to hold them all together.

Before I go back today to retrace my steps through the house, barn and 3 acres looking for them, you can bet I'll use some mojo...perhaps an incantation to St. Anthony—

Tony, Tony,
look around.
Something's lost
and must be found!

and maybe a sacrifice. Oh, never mind with the sacrifice.